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Two great dogs for adoption! - Spontaneously Generated
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Thu, Oct. 5th, 2006 12:10 am
Two great dogs for adoption!

Purebred Harlequin Great dane and Beautiful Wolf mix

Portia and Mesa grew up together (8 years), and have most recently found their way to my home. I know the original owner, who does a lot of globetrotting, so these dogs have been bounced around a good bit from family member to friend and back again. Despite the rather uprooted life, they are absolute sweethearts and quite well behaved, and while not strictly trained, have some pretty neat tricks they’ll perform on command.

Portia, the dane(purebred), is one of the smallest danes I have come across, and is a total sweetheart, she loves to rest her head on your lap and is a big leaner, as most danes are. Mesa is a wolf mix, though the only way youd ever guess is the black diamond marking on her tail when her fur gets long enough. She is a total trip and will get right into playing with you if you are in a rambunctious mood, and easily settles down for a good belly rub as soon as you’re done. Both dogs are still quite active, given the chance, and love to be taken to the park or trails - they can be let off the leash with no worries, never going farther than you can see, and looping back if you're taking too long.

Both dogs are spayed, quite healthy and up to date on all medications. They have visited many vets in their rounds of owners, but I have managed to grapple most of the vet records together. I would love to keep the dogs but I am living in and restoring a turn of the century rowhome while working full time and taking classes and its just not practical for me, or fair for the dogs.

On a side note, the dogs are good with other dogs, absolutely wonderful with cats (we had two rescues here with them, for a bit) and again wonderful with toddlers – my baby brother learned to walk with them around on the weekends and was able to play with them with no problems – they are truly gentle giants. If you are looking to get a puppy, I’d highly suggest bringing it up with these two ladies around – I wish I could.

They are very easy to have around. The only limit here is that they must be adopted together; I have no desire to split them up, and doubt they would do well if they were. I am asking a $200 adoption fee for the two together, but would be willing to negotiate for the right family. Please contact me at karja.hansen(removeandreplace)gmail.com Thanks!

Pups 1


Portia on the pier



Thu, Oct. 5th, 2006 12:49 pm (UTC)
cutie pies.

i am going to miss those dogs so much.