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inspired disjoint - Spontaneously Generated
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Thu, May. 25th, 2006 02:03 pm
inspired disjoint

Unable to live in the now
hot salty breeze
easily breaking sea waves
bring to mind only the
misty cold fogs floating
across deception pass point

I’m in Greece, the cradle of true intelligence and civilization in our world, walkin down streets amid thousand year old buildings reading signs in ten thousand year old scripts, catching glimpses of the acropolis between newly minted apartment buildings and staring down through glassed in viewports at random bits of ancient architecture running beneath the city. Sitting on pristine beaches with crystal blue waters breaking on the sand. But I want PacNo, the recently new, or Mars the hopefully soon new.

its beautiful, Im developing a greek tan and vocabulary. I walk in front of traffic as no new yorker would ever dare, staring down the taxis, that is when i even consider their presence. Every corner I turn sparks another thought or connection and already I have filled two sketchbooks and written 87 pages of poorly cohesed rambles.

I’m inspired, but the more time I spend here the more I want to be back home, applying.

Also, the heat. Dubai will be put off until later this fall, as I can hardly stand the 97 degrees here. There is no way I could take 110+. I shall instead adjourn to PacNo for the remainder of the summer. Fly into Boise, rent a car and a kayak, drive up the coast from Long Beach (hi Nick) to Seattle, with stops at Portland (Hi Sam), Yachats and Northbend (hi grammas), and where the hell ever else strikes my fancy. Perhpas I'll be the third woman in the maternal line to snap a photo of the lone cypress while in her early 20's.

received also a reply on my inquiry to one of the three prophets of the NU movement, who is a professor/dept. head at U Miami. funny, how so many roads can lead to the oddest of the same places. Florida. hah. looks like a fall/winter road trip is on order - It'll be leg one of my whitewater revitalization tour, as well as perhaps a NU study trip: Stuart and Coral Gables vs. Aqua on Allison Island. Though I suppose I can't really complain too loudly about Aqua, as they did just what NU advocates, picking and choosing.

greek men piss me off.

No adonis’ walk the streets now
but neither have the young men forgotten
the buggering ways of the ancients
in dress at least

so disjointed.

One more week until I’m on a boat.


dukes up, baby, dukes up!
Thu, May. 25th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC)

i miss you.