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Spontaneously Generated

Times which are either cold stone mellow or hyped.

23 February 1984
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standing on the ground, staring at the stars.
I keep this thing lately just as a passive means to stay caught up with friends as well as for occasional posterity' sake.

I am:

Living in Walkable and Bikeable Arlington, pursuing my Architecure Degree in hopes of one day healing our world's built environments, and thus, our social being and larger environment. I like to play outside, and I like to read. I like to get into intense conversations and have my views continually evolved by intelligent, well-founded discourse.

I was:

taking a sabbatical from my 4th year at UMBC, Science-Tech Journalism major through INDS, and staffer-alum at The Retriever while working for some local baltimore papers and magazines, as well as getting my contractors and real estate licesnses and starting up a development company tied to New Urbanism principles.

living in a turn of the century rowhome in West Baltimore that i recently purchased and was trading in my life to renovate, along with a younger sister and two awesome guys from school as flatmates.

Unnamed Law: If it happens, it must be possible.

"The virgin sidewalk - the physical embodiment of sprawl's guilty conscience - reveals the true failure of suburbia ..." - Suburban Nation